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Introducing Our Latest Innovation: Specialized Animal Control Vehicles by 10-75 Emergency Vehicles

The world of emergency services is continually evolving, meeting the unique challenges that communities face each day. 10-75 Emergency Vehicles have been at the forefront of this evolution, providing highly customized, state-of-the-art emergency and patrol vehicles for law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders. Today, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our services with a new line of vehicles specifically designed for Animal Control.

The necessity for dedicated animal control vehicles has never been greater. As communities expand and come into closer contact with wildlife, the responsibilities of animal control officers have grown to include not only domestic animal issues but also wildlife management. Whether it's rescuing a family of raccoons from a suburban attic or dealing with stray dogs and cats, the need for specialized equipment is undeniable.

Our new line of animal control vehicles builds on the same quality and customization that 10-75 Emergency Vehicles are renowned for. We have collaborated with animal control agencies, and first responders to ensure that each vehicle is designed to address the unique challenges faced by animal control officers. Features include:

  • Animal-Safe Compartments: Temperature-controlled and ventilated spaces to ensure the well-being of the animals.

  • Easy Accessibility: Low-floor designs and hydraulic lifts for heavy animals, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

  • Advanced Technology: From GPS systems to advanced communication equipment, our vehicles come equipped with the latest technology to aid in animal rescue and control.

Built to Last

Just like our other vehicles designed for emergency services, the durability of our animal control line is second to none. Understanding the varied terrains and conditions these vehicles may face, we've incorporated heavy-duty suspension systems, all-weather tires, and high-impact resistant materials.

Partnering with Communities

We believe that effective animal control contributes to the well-being of a community. With our new line of vehicles, we aim to partner with municipalities, animal shelters, and rescue agencies, enhancing their capabilities to manage animal-related incidents better.

10-75 Emergency Vehicles is proud to contribute to the community's safety and well-being through innovative, tailor-made solutions. Our new line of specialized animal control vehicles is a testament to our commitment to excellence and adaptability. We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how these vehicles can serve your community's needs.

Contact us today at to arrange a consultation or to view a demo of our newest animal control vehicles. Together, let's make our communities safer, for both humans and animals alike.

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